Air & Sea Consolidation  - For both import as well as export shipments we assist customers in
  • Finding best mode of transportation : air /  sea / air&sea
  • minimising freight cost
  • Providing shortest possible transit time
  • Tracking of your air / sea shipment & giving details to our
    customers as & when required.
  Custom Clearance  - We can provide our expertise in
  • Import / export documentation
  • Filing of documents before customs & other govt. authorities
  • Correct classification of material for import as well as export
    cargo to ensure correct  duty/  benefits to the customers
  • Clear import shipment from Customs in shortest possible time to
    avoid extra charges such as demurrage, detention etc.
  Warehousing -We will provide
  • Custom bonded / normal warehousing facilities
  • Facilities to take part delivery as per their demands
  • Insurance on warehoused cargo
  • Proper record of warehoused material
  Licensing -  we assist our customers in
  • Licenses from DGFT such as Importer Exporter Code No., EPCG etc.
  • Getting export benefits : Drawback /  DEPB / Adv. License from the
  • Getting RCMC, Digital Keys, Industrial Licenses, central excise
    registration etc.
  • Issuance  /  Registration /  Sale of DEPB's
  • Fixation of brand rates
  Import & Export Assistance - We will assist in
  • We provide help to our customers in sourcing,vendor development,
    quality assurance, evaluation of supplier/buyer, negotiations with
    foreign suppliers/ buyer in deciding prices,deciding terms of
    delivery, deciding payment terms , deciding mode of delivery
  • Helping exporter in opting for best available government benefits
    such as Drawback, DEPB or Adv. License
  • Helping both importer & exporters in providing transportation of
    their cargo to & fro, as & when it is required. A fleet of vehicles of
    various types is readly available at most competitive rates. The staff
    is very experienced which ensure compliance of all local rules.
  • Arranging marine insurance  for import or export ,if required
  • We arrange for exporters ? exportable packaging & fumigation
    services with team of professional & well experienced team of packers.
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